Jun 23

How Toxic is Sugar?

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Sugar is Toxic

An email hit my inbox a few days ago from Nikki Young that contained a link to the video inside this post. I wrote a few posts on sugar when I first started Uncommon Wellness, and I continue to fight the fight against sugar.

Is sugar toxic?

Watch this video segment from 60 minutes.

Do you believe sugar has plunged us into a public health crisis? Post your comments below to let us know.

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Travis is a functional fitness and healthy living junkie that lives in southern Louisiana. I run this blog to give you down-to-earth advice on achieving peak health through functional fitness and healthy living. You can follow me on Twitter or contact me here.

2 Responses so far, but there is still room for yours

  1. Khaled says:

    I’d say sugar is toxic, not just physically, but socially and emotionally as well. It’s become associated with love and affection through baked goods and even friendliness or sociability through alcohol and has gotten itself gummed up in all sorts of social obligations. Its really a mess. Even when they know it’s not healthy, other people make it hard to give up, and really insisting on doing so can leave you in some pretty uncomfortable situations. I’ve had people ostracize me for my refusal to eat cookies and pastries.

    With all this social pressure, I can understand how easy it is to downplay just how bad it is for you, so thanks for this reminder that it’s not just a little bit bad.

  2. Wenchypoo says:

    Yes I do, and cannot believe the sheer magnitude of entities who are profiting from it!

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