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Top 5 CrossFit Sites On The Web

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CrossFit Best Of The Web

You have many, many CrossFit sites available to you just by googling “CrossFit”, but I believe these are the best sites to start your information search. Let’s get started.

1.  CrossFit Main Site

The main site, as CrossFitters call it, is a lot like Fran. It doesn’t really look impressive. Then once you give it a go you quickly come to terms with all that is offered to you. Seems pretty obvious, yet people still miss all that this site offers.

2.  CrossFit Endurance

I don’t know Brian Mackenzie personally (the man behind CrossFit Endurance), but it would be awesome to have lunch with this dude. Each time I’m sprinting or running and want to stop and vomit, I think of Brian saying something like this, “Why the f*ck did you stop candy-ass? Keep going!” Follow the link to learn more about

3.  CrossFit Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a big part of CrossFit. And to be honest with you, I believe CrossFit made gymnastics rings cool to use. That is until you’re so happy you can do a muscle-up that you want to show everyone. Then, you step into a gymnastics training center, and realize everyone does them just to get up on the rings to start their performance. But being able to do a muscle-up is still cool anyway. See some gymnastic badassery here at

4.  CrossFit Football

What do you think of when you think football? Big dudes crashing into one another at speed that would break your femur? CrossFit Football gives you the workouts that will allow you to push Scooby doo van across the parking lot, for fun. Learn how to power through the offensive line at

5.  Mobility WOD

Ah, yes, sometimes we shove, push, and pull our bodies through hard CrossFit workouts. We must attend to our creaks and squeaky joints before our inattention catches us. Learn how to fix your workout ailments over at Mobility WOD.

Okay, so there you have it. Enjoy the sites, and I promise if you take a few minutes on each site and dig around you’ll find something to learn. Enjoy!

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4 Responses so far, but there is still room for yours

  1. Joe says:

    I think its extremely important to mention BrandX’s scaled WOD site. It is very useful, especially to a beginner. If someone is new to Crossfit, they need to ease themselves into the program, and BrandX is a great place to start. I dont think Crossfit Football is really the best to start an info search, or a place to start Crossfit WODs, unless they are already involved in a power sport.

    • Travis says:


      Thank you for the comment. I’ll dig around the BrandX site and put together a post for those who are new to CrossFit. This one did slip my mind!

      All the best,


  2. Jogzz says:

    I was searching for more info on crossfit , I”ve been doing some crossfit for almost 2 moths 2x a week so basically 16 visits, I like it and it stesses me out everytime I drive to the gym, a good friend of mine has taken me kinda like under his wing, and has been having me do the wods and it is awesome and kicks my butt every time…. I’m a lot over in weight 100 lbs or so, poushing close to 300 at 5’7, it;s not a weight I;m proud to be at ,,, I feel as though I lwt him down some when I can’t go as hard as he wants me to, I feel as though I may be wasting his time, and I really stress about that. and I try hard when I’m there,,,,, my respiratory is totally shot !!!!! the row and burpees are my worst…. , what can I do….. I don’t want to fail myself nor my trainer,
    I just can’t seem to lose any weight… as far as my nutrition I will start to eat healthier, with salads and no more junk,,,, any advice helps… thanks….

  3. Luke Shannon says:

    I think “The WOD Shop” ( should be on that list…a really good site.

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