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  1. Sunday Success Story: Olivia from CrossFit Central posted September 26, 2010

    My favorite piece on most CrossFit affiliate sites is the Success Stories section. The diverse stories of success give me goose bumps and force a smile on my face. The power of human drive once a mind is set to accomplish whatever they’ve set it to is astonishing.

  2. Sunday Success Story: Stephanie Cedeno posted August 1, 2010

    Life’s Journey Sometimes you meet people on your journey through life that leave you branded with their story. They fought through the difficult times when life boxed them in, and came out the other side with more determination, and even more fight. Now, Here is Stephanie’s amazing, and difficult at times, journey through life in […]

  3. Sunday Success Story: Veronica Garza posted July 25, 2010

    CrossFit & Paleo Diet Success Story Like you, I can watch videos of different success stories for hours. It’s the person behind the success story that intrigues us so much. Watching others win forces us to believe we can win too. Veronica Garza climbed over obstacles that would crush most people. Veronica, you’re an inspiration […]

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