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Review: Steve’s Original Paleokits

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Paleolicious Paleokits

Steve's Original PaleoKits

Whether you eat a Paleo diet or not, Steve’s Original Paleokits are jammed with the nutrient-dense foods athletes require. These convenient snacks are easy to take anywhere, taste excellent, and most of all, they’re nutritious.

Each Paleokit has quality beef jerky, macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds, and dried fruit. You have a choice of either small or large size vacuum sealed bags. Sealing Paleokits in vacuum sealed bags is genius. Sealed bags make it easy to toss a couple Paleokits in your gym bag, in your laptop bag, or in your lunch box.

The protein from the jerky and the healthy fats from the nuts keep you feeling full. Take it from the label on the Paleokits themselves, “REAL FOOD FOR REAL ATHLETES”.

Steve’s Original is, at its core, about journeys. Our story is the result of years of searching for a healthier way to live; and eat. Our Originals are about the journey that we all take to find a better way to live our lives and fuel our bodies. –Stevesoriginal.com

Steve’s Original Delivers

I ordered five large Paleokits while deployed to the Horn of Africa for the U.S. Navy. When I opened the box, large and small Paleokits sat wedged together in the box. Steve mailed more than I had ordered.

I did what any other CrossFitter and Paleo dieter would do; I passed them out to other CrossFitters who were deployed alongside me. Each person I handed a Paleokit to found me later and mentioned how tasty it was and how much energy it gave them. Every person had something excellent to say about Steve’s Original Paleokits.

Steve’s Amazing Story

Steve has a remarkable story behind Steve’s Original Paleokits. He offers opportunities to kids who don’t get opportunities. The extra profits from the Paleokits go toward funding a Crossfit gym where kids can escape the streets and learn the sport of fitness, CrossFit. Because Paleokits sell like gangbusters, he’s giving the same kids an opportunity to build their resumes by helping prepare Paleokits for delivery. Read more about Steve’s Club here.

Bottom Line

Order Steve’s Original Paleokits for you and your friends today, they taste great and they deliver the energy your body needs. And most of all, you’ll be helping Steve on his journey to give kids life-changing opportunities. It’s a win-win!


http://www.stevesoriginal.com/store (not an affiliate link)


The PaleoKit photo above is from http://stevesoriginal.com


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