May 26

Sleep Update

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Days ago, I installed F.lux on my laptop and agreed with myself to take sleep serious. The effect of getting enough sleep day after day is becoming clearer.

But there’s one thing about getting quality sleep that’s driving me nuts.

Rise and Shine

I wake an hour later than previously, yet my morning time seems to stretch on and on. And while I’m losing an hour of productivity time each morning, I complete more action items before I leave for work than before. It’s as though the early morning hours come to a near stand-still while I’ve tripled my productivity.

It’s driving me nuts because shouldn’t that equation be inverse? More time should equal more work complete, right?


Travis is a functional fitness and healthy living junkie that lives in southern Louisiana. I run this blog to give you down-to-earth advice on achieving peak health through functional fitness and healthy living. You can follow me on Twitter or contact me here.

5 Responses so far, but there is still room for yours

  1. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely brilliant site, well laid out and really informative…

  2. Khaled Allen says:

    Not really sure what you mean…since taking sleep seriously, you’ve been waking an hour later than usual, but you are still more productive than before?

    • Travis says:


      Yes, that’s correct. I’ve been sleeping one hour longer into the morning, and I’m more productive when I wake. So, instead of being tired and attempting to finish the coffee pot “for time” to wake up faster to get the day rolling, I wake refreshed and am ready to start the day immediately. Make sense?

      All the best,


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