Aug 14

Paleo Sweets!

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Paleo Sweets

Finally, Paleo Sweets!

Years ago, before I began the Paleo diet, I ate candy like a blue whale eats krill. For me, getting over the speed bump of no sweets felt more like trying to steer a moped over a glacier. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Not anymore.

What’s Inside The Paleo Sweets Cookbook?

Nikki Young, author of the bestselling Paleo Cookbooks, has made us a treat. Her latest release, “Paleo Sweets” is 85 pages of Paleo approved indulgence.

Inside the cookbook are recipes for other nut butters, biscuits, cakes, jelly and mousse, ice-cream, fruit salad, and few other delicious recipes. She teaches you how to make pistachio butter, I mean come on!

Who else could put together a Paleo watermelon and coconut ice cream recipe? How does baked apples with almond filling sound for dessert? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Do you miss those chocolate cookies? How about spiced orange and apple cake? Yes! All these recipes and more wait for you.

Miss Sweets No More!

If you find yourself longing for a few Paleo sweets, look no further. It’s all inside this sweet cookbook (yes, that was meant as a double meaning).

You don’t want to miss the mouthwatering morsels in this Paleo sweets cookbook! To get your copy instantly by digitial download, click here.

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5 Responses so far, but there is still room for yours

  1. Jenna J. says:

    So when are you making paleo sweets for all of us?!

    • Travis says:

      I could make them for you, and then I would eat them all like a stingy caveman . . . :)

      All the best,


  2. Jenna J. says:

    So making them for me would defeat purpose of the request if you devour them down caveman style 😉 ! Yummy Paleo treats …!

  3. If you don’t feel like making them, try the “Hail Merry” brand Macaroons…I just bought them for the first time tonight and they are AWESOME. I think I might have to pick up this book…my problem with making the sweets myself is…the recipes are usually big and I end up eating the whole thing…

  4. Kristi says:

    My husband and I just started the Paleo. He has seen great results with the giys he works with. I didn’t think I would miss sweets much but I was wrong! So I’m looking for ways to get some sweets and stay on track the Paleo way.

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