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The Paleo Diet Is For Everyone (Not Just CrossFitters)

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CrossFit And The Paleo Diet

It seems a link lives between Paleo and CrossFit. Most Paleo dieters have surely heard about CrossFit, and many CrossFitter have been intimate with the Paleo diet whether it was a one night stand or a long lasting commitment.

The Paleo/CrossFit Glitch

A misconception about the Paleo diet and CrossFit runs rampant around the web. People not rooted in CrossFit believe you must be a CrossFitter to follow the Paleo diet. That is untrue.

The Paleo diet is for anyone who wants to live a longer, leaner life.

I don’t give a shit if you’re the freakiest firebreather in your CrossFit box, or if you’re a 327 lbs person who believes that’s “just the cards I was dealt”. The Paleo diet is for you.

But, Travis, you’ve never weighed 327 lbs! You don’t know it’s like! You’re right, I don’t. I’ve never weighed 327 lbs unless I’m pulling on a barbell from the floor. So what.

Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.

The Time To Start The Paleo Diet Is Now

Stop making excuses if you’re overweight and uncomfortable in your skin. Grab the lion’s mane of life, and escape the diet zoo. You are the only person who stands in your way because you already carry the keys to the cage in your pocket.


Robb Wolf (site link)

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet (book link)

The Paleo Diet (site link)

The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat (book link)

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Travis is a functional fitness and healthy living junkie that lives in southern Louisiana. I run this blog to give you down-to-earth advice on achieving peak health through functional fitness and healthy living. You can follow me on Twitter or contact me here.

7 Responses so far, but there is still room for yours

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  2. Ken Saveth says:


    I AM TRYING! Following this is not as easy as it sounds. I thought that when I got home from my travels, it would be easier @ home. In a sense it is however with a family & family meals, I feel that I am always “picking through” all of my wife’s hard work & making it difficult for us to plan for us all to eat the same thing.

    Hopefully the work will pay off & I will be able to figure out something that works for us all.

    I can see how this is perfect for a single person.

    I would be interested to hear how other followers here handle this battle.


    • Travis says:

      Ken, thank you for the comment, much appreciated. Getting an entire family eating Paleo can be a challenge.

      I have a wife and three children, so it does get interesting. I’m the only one who eats Paleo full time, but the children are really starting to get into it (wife is as well, even though she won’t admit it :)). My two boys (7 and 10) get into Paleo because I remind them it makes them “cavemen”. Must be something primal about being called a caveman. 😉

      You definitely have to be creative at meal times. We lived in Italy for a while, so pasta is(was) a family favorite. We swap the pasta for cauliflower or broccoli, and viola, a Paleo family dinner.

      Ken, also realize that even if you don’t eat a strict 100% by the book Paleo diet, but maintain the best Paleo diet you can, you will benefit from it. Many people believe it’s all or nothing with Paleo. Yea, sure you’ll reap Paleo diet benefits faster going strict, but do what you can man.

      I’m interested in how you’re fairing in the next couple weeks and months. Keep me posted!

      All the best,


      • Ken Saveth says:

        Travis – – Thanks a buch for the info & encouragement.

        I will keep you posted on this group.


        • Travis says:

          Sure thing Ken. Looking forward to your updates.

          All the best,


          • Sally JPA says:

            Ken: In my house, I’m the cook. My husband, despite not wanting to take the time to research it himself, is into Paleo after I explained it all to him (in fact, it’s quite transformed him; I posted about it here: ). But if Dan weren’t into it, it would still be the status quo when he ate in our household, because I’m the one who primarily grocery shops and plans meals.

            But I’m pretty hard-core about only having family members who support a healthy lifestyle, whatever vein that might take. If my husband weren’t supportive, we’d have a serious come-to-Jesus conversation. Unsupportive families drive me crazy, and I’d simply have to push for changes in family dynamics if that were the case in my house. As Travis indicates, some people can be way more relaxed about it and be okay, but I need lots of support when I make positive changes.

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