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Paleo Approved

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Paleo Approved

The Paleo Approved Presentation

I signaled and pulled my blue GMC Yukon into the Whole Foods parking lot in Venice, CA, and fought for a spot to park. My old truck hogged nearly two parking spaces. Seems California is making all parking lots, compact car parking lots.

With my black Moleskine notebook and an ink pen in hand, I locked the doors to my truck and went inside. I arrived early, as I usually do, and walked through the aisles, then the perimeter.

On my hunt for a Paleo Approved sign to signal the meeting place, I noticed a group of healthy looking people standing by the Whole Foods customer service counter. I approached them and asked if they were there for the presentation too. Sure enough. We chatted about the event and how cool it was to finally meet Karen. Karen from Paleo Approved and Travis SchefcikUp until then most of us had only talked with her on Facebook.

We walked from the customer service counter to our meeting spot outside at the tables in front of the store. As we filed outside, Karen said she had recognized me as I had walked past her earlier, I guess from this site, or my Facebook profile picture.

Paleo Diet Enthusiasts and a Presentation

All of us sat gathered around the tables outside and introduced ourselves.

Each one of us at the Paleo Approved presentation believes in the Paleo diet, and it was exciting to meet them. Dr. Pendergrass and Travis SchefcikMost of all, we believe in what Karen is doing with Paleo Approved and when you believe in something like this too, it’s easy to get excited.

Dr. Pendergrass’s presentation was concise, scientific, and in-depth. The presentation held our attention because Dr. Pendergrass made some very potent points about the Paleo diet and the neuro-pathways it effects.

I won’t write you a presentation tour guide, but I will move on to meeting Karen. Although, I’ll leave you with this snip from the presentation. Some of you will know this, and some won’t. Did you know that when you eat protein your brain receives two signals that tell you to stop eating? Two!

The Paleo Approved Story

After the presentation, when Karen began to talk about the why and the how of what she is doing with Paleo Approved, we put our pens down on the table and sat up.

If I could depict Karen in one word it would be, passion. She is so passionate about what she is doing to improve the validity of Paleo products on the market. So much so, you can feel it when she talks.

Leaders are easy to follow when they believe in something that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. Especially, when you can feel it when they talk. Karen is one of the leaders. If you’re not a Paleo dieter, spend a few minutes with Karen, and you will be. I guarantee it.

The Paleo Approved Commercial

Well worth watching.

A Paleo Walk around Whole Foods

After the Paleo diet presentation by Dr. Pendergrass and listening to the Paleo Approved story, Karen took us around Whole Foods and showed us some of her favorite Paleo treats. It was fun being around Karen and the other people who attended. It was a bit of a Paleo geek-fest, some more than others, but I think all of us who attended are okay with that.

Thanks Karen.

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  2. Sally JPA says:

    Awesome, Travis. Sorry I wasn’t able to go! I would have loved to meet you.

    • Travis says:

      Likewise Sally!

      It was a good time, we missed you. Hopefully, we’ll meet up at one of these nutritious presentations or workshops. :)

      All the best,


  3. Dr Pendergrass says:


    Thank you for your very kind review.

    I would only add that we only talked about two signals that tell your brain to stop eating. Actually, there are more than 38 different signals! Pretty amazing, eh!

    David “Dr. D” Pendergrass

    • Travis says:

      Thank you for stopping by to comment Dr. Pendergrass!

      38 signals, and some people still don’t get the message. 😉

      I hope you can return to SoCal for another presentation soon.

      All the best,


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