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  1. Learn Mental Toughness From A CrossFit Champion posted May 28, 2012

    Mental Toughness & CrossFit What can you learn about mental toughness from a CrossFit champion? Well, I think a lot. Because if you’ve had the pleasure of pushing through ANY true CrossFit WOD you know something about mental toughness. Can a champion give you a bit of insight to grow more mental toughness? Yes.

  2. 5 Things Preventing You from Reaching Wellness posted May 21, 2011

    Talking with people about wellness gets me excited. The thing is, some people just want to talk about how great it would feel to be well. Then, they complain because they feel like an old tired, run-down Ford. So, here are a few clippings of what may be preventing you from reaching wellness.

  3. How To Bully a Barbell posted March 20, 2011

    The sickening feeling begins to churn the moment I see the workout of the day has heavy barbell movements. If one thing rings true for me in CrossFit it’s that barbells are cold and unforgiving. However, in the sport of fitness, there’s no way to evade the barbell. It’s one of our top tools that […]

  4. CrossFit Mental Toughness posted August 5, 2010

    Jaala Thibault from CrossFit Ventura

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