Aug 5

CrossFit Mental Toughness

Written by Travis | posted in CrossFit, Motivation | 7 Comments

Jaala Thibault from CrossFit Ventura

What do you think? Does mental toughness play an important role in your CrossFit workouts?

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7 Responses so far, but there is still room for yours

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  2. Sally JPA says:

    I can’t watch the video yet–don’t have my headphones in the coffee shop with me–but for sure, mental toughness plays a role. Last night I did 90-pound split jerks (PR, actually, but then I PR nearly every workout at this early point in the game). After I had a bad lift (smacked myself in the head during a lift; should have dropped the weight before that, but . . . you live and learn), every time I picked up the bar, I was shaky. I could have lifted more from a strength standpoint, but I had a mental block big-time.

    In general, I feel a sense of dread before nearly every Crossfit class b/c I know I’m about to be pushed beyond my boundaries–physically but especially mentally. And then I feel SO great afterward.

    • Travis says:


      Good to hear from you again! Nice work on the split jerk PR! WOOT WOOT!! You’ll bust through the mental block in time. I still get intimidated when I see a bar loaded with fat black plates that I’m supposed to put overhead.

      I, too, get anxious before a WOD. But, just like you said, you feel so great afterwards, mentally and physically.

      Thanks for the comment, and all the best,


  3. MENTAL TOUGHNESS is EVERYTHING in Crossfit. I think its what sets crossfit apart from other workouts, what truly makes it a sport. I may not ba able to do alot of the movements Rx yet, but the edge i have is mental toughness :-) Its why I love crossfit….i get to flex that muscle. Jaala also talks about only focusing on the workout….what she is talking about it PRESENCE. Being in the present moment, truly connected to our authentic self instead of our egos or negative thoughts is the freedom, and brings intense joy. In the middle of a hard WOD, most of us are forced to that place…a place of bliss…hence the reason we keep coming back. Great thing is it can be practice for the rest of life. The only way to deal with the hard stuff is to go right through it moment by moment!!!

  4. Travis says:

    Thanks for stopping and commenting Stephanie.

    Your comment hit the mark.

    Pushing through a CrossFit WOD gives you a confidence that spreads throughout other areas of your life. Once you’ve pushed, scrapped, and scrambled through, say, Fight Gone Bad, it seems a little easier to conquer a limiting belief that exists nowhere except in your own mind.

    All the best,


  5. Travis says:

    Wow! Thank you Stephanie! You just made me WEEK! I can’t stop smiling now. :)

    You rock!


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