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Interview: Colin Jenkins From CrossFit Ventura

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CrossFit Beast From SoCal

Colin Jenkins is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, and co-founder of CrossFit Ventura.

Colin always has a smile, and he makes time for each athlete at his CrossFit box in Ventura, California. At the same time, behind the smile, he carries a quiet strength. When it’s time to complete the workout of the day, he does so to make an impact on one person. Himself.

Like every headliner coach, he demands excellence in himself, and excellence in his ability to help others reach their CrossFit goals. Recently, he appeared in the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) August newsletter.

Colin is a CrossFit athlete to the core.

Read on to discover what Colin thinks about diet, and who this Level 2 Trainer admires.


How long have you been training the sport of fitness? What drove you to start CrossFit (CF)?

I started training with CrossFit in the summer of 07 after I found it online while looking for a way to help rehabilitate my knee following ACL surgery.  I didn’t think of it as a sport back then, it just seemed like a ton more fun than the bodybuilding type training I was used to. It only started becoming a sport for me after taking part in the 08 CrossFit Games.

How long have you been a CF trainer?

2.5 years.

When and where did you earn your L2?

I got it at CrossFit Silicon Valley a week prior to the 09 CrossFit Games.

You have a good CF perspective blog about your training, why do you write it?

Thanks! Since I always train by myself, my blog creates accountability for me and gives me a little bit of the same motivation that I might feel if I worked out regularly in a group. My hope is that the blog also gives others ideas and inspiration for how they can achieve their own goals.

Zone or Paleo?


How long have you been eating a Paleo diet?

A little over a year. I was on the zone for two years prior to making the switch over to paleo.

When I’m doing paleo, my body is able to handle more volume, more intensity, and my metcons get a lot better.

Why did you make Paleo your diet of choice?

The difference is night and day on recovery for me. When I’m doing paleo, my body is able to handle more volume, more intensity, and my metcons get a lot better.

Any advice for Paleo diet beginners?

I have seen over and over again, those who all of a sudden just go all out Paleo, usually fall back into some pretty ugly eating habits within a month or two. Ease yourself into it, one meal or snack or day at a time.

CrossFit Ventura (CFV) is a joint venture between you and Bill Huffman, and it going gangbusters. What’s next for CFV?

We’ve worked hard these past two years to become the best coaches we can be so we can provide our clientele with world-class results. We have lots of ideas, but something that keeps entering my mind are ways to start providing MORE than just better results. People love CrossFit because of the results, but also because the Experiences we get from training in this environment. Expect some new changes to make the Experience of CrossFit better than ever before at CFV.

CFV opened its doors in 2008, how long did it take CFV to outgrow its first space?

About 1 Year.

Who has been your favorite person to WOD with?

I really haven’t worked out with anyone is a LONG LONG time. It depends on the workout I guess. I love to go hard with Bill Huffman during gymnastic workouts, Matt Major during strength sessions or high power workouts, Jaala Thibault and Craig Wobig during anything 5 minutes + or involving running. These guys are amazing at those domains so it would be cool to get pushed by them.

Which CrossFit coaches do you admire (well-known or otherwise)?

James “OPT” Fitzgerald: The guy is my mentor as both a coach and an athlete and there really is no one else within CrossFit doing better work than this guy. He is becoming the definition of mastery and legacy.

Kelly Starrett: One of the most knowledgeable coaches within the community and has provided thousands of CrossFitters with useful information on how to take care of their bodies and get better performance. He has helped me a ton.

Greg Everett: I guess he’s not really a “CrossFit Coach” but he was my coach for a while and the guy knows a lot on how to make people strong and explosive. I wouldn’t be the same athlete today without Greg’s help and expertise.

Bill Huffman: the guy knows a shit-load about human movement and elite performance. He is really the only person who knows how to coach me during competition and it’s awesome to have him there in my corner.

CFV Crew: Major, Jaala, Martha, and Faith have all become really solid coaches in the past year and they continue to impress me and show me things/give me new ideas all the time. I couldn’t ask for a better crew to have coaching at CFV.

Who sticks out in your mind as the most inspiring CF athlete you’ve worked with, or did a WOD with?

Jaala Thibault. Hands down. Amazing heart, and is the most inspiring competitor I’ve ever seen. Actually, I just watched her pull off a sub 9 minute “Helen” this morning for her first workout of the day. Be ready, this girl will turn some heads at the 2011 Games next year.

What are your three favorite WODs, and why?

I honestly don’t have any favorites anymore. I love them all. Whether it’s some fast and explosive like “Grace” or a long fun chipper like “Filthy Fifty”, I really just enjoy every workout I do. I rarely do benchmarks WODs anymore so I don’t really repeat workouts often enough for them to become favorites.

Who does the programming at CFV? How far in advance do you(or whoever) program WODs?

I do, and it just depends on the cycle. Usually a cycle is 4-6 weeks long and the goals and movements and energy systems we are going to focus on are all laid out. But the actually workouts are created week by week so we can still be adaptable and flexible based on the results we see our clients getting.

Colin Crushes Fran

A special thanks to Colin and the CrossFit Ventura crew!


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