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  1. How Toxic is Sugar? posted June 23, 2012

    Sugar is Toxic An email hit my inbox a few days ago from Nikki Young that contained a link to the video inside this post. I wrote a few posts on sugar when I first started Uncommon Wellness, and I continue to fight the fight against sugar.

  2. You Need Sleep! posted March 23, 2012

    Are getting enough sleep? We could all use more sleep, and this infographic has good facts about our sleep habits. I stared in shock when I seen that being sleep deprived increases the risk of being overweight. Check it out!

  3. Hungry For Change Movie posted March 1, 2012

    Your Health Is In Your Hands Watch the free worldwide online premier March 21-21, 2012 of Food Matters latest film, Hungry for Change. Some of this is shocking to actually see.

  4. CrossFit’s Greg Glassman . . . Mr. Dangerous? posted June 6, 2011

    Mr. CrossFit Okay CrossFitters, time to chime in! I read an article recently that was written by a man named, Dr. White. In the article he wrote that he believes Greg Glassman is “The Most Dangerous Man In American Healthcare.”

  5. Sleep Update posted May 26, 2011

    Days ago, I installed F.lux on my laptop and agreed with myself to take sleep serious. The effect of getting enough sleep day after day is becoming clearer. But there’s one thing about getting quality sleep that’s driving me nuts.

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