Jun 15

Is CrossFit Endurance For You?

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I believe in CrossFit because it’s given me a strong body, and sometimes those outside CrossFit question its applicability to their sport. And endurance athletes are no exception, most are unsure if CrossFit will help or hinder they’re performance. Find some answers in this video from Brian Mackenzie of CrossFit Endurance.

If you’re an endurance athlete and wonder if CrossFit Endurance workouts will benefit you, watch this video.

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CrossFit Endurance

Are you an endurance athlete who has benefited from CrossFit Endurance? If so, leave a comment and tell us how you benefited.


Travis is a functional fitness and healthy living junkie that lives in southern Louisiana. I run this blog to give you down-to-earth advice on achieving peak health through functional fitness and healthy living. You can follow me on Twitter or contact me here.

One Response

  1. gene says:

    just to say…they sure have some people that really don’t seem to like crossfit! I have to say that I started the opening day of a brand new box….and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I used to wake every day with lower back pain,since starting crossfit ,not once has my lower back hurt! I have never been so excited to go workout ever, my core has gotten so much stronger. and this is on a 48 year old body

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