The Uncommon Wellness Model

The Uncommon Wellness Model

Uncommon Wellness is an approach to living a healthy lifestyle which combines functional fitness, the Paleo diet, and setting a focused attitude. Nothing can happen until you decide what you want. And it all starts with your mindset.The Uncommon Wellness Formula
These three simple things have taken me further than I ever imagined. They each flow into one another to complete the Uncommon Wellness model.

  • Do you want to be thin?
  • Do you want to be strong, mentally and physically?
  • Do you want feel years younger?
  • Do you want to look years younger?
  • Do you want friends to say you look years younger?

The Uncommon Wellness approach to healthy living will take you there.

I Have Uncommon Wellness, I Want You To Have It Too

It’s a sad truth nowadays that people aren’t well. I’ve been living my Uncommon Wellness model since 2008 and didn’t realize what I was on to until others began asking me how I kept the weight off, looked strong, and how the heck I was happy nearly all the time. I’ve actually been called annoyingly happy.

Then they would say something like, “Wish I had what you had.” And each time my reply was, “You can, and it’s simple.”

That’s the reason behind what I’m doing here. It’s why I started this blog, why I started to do seminars, and why I first started coaching friends and family on achieving Uncommon Wellness.

I know very few people who get out of bed in the morning ready to take on the challenges of the day. Most people loathe getting out of bed and fear starting their day, but you don’t have to. Does hiding under the covers really do anything? No, the day still waits for you. Why not do things that make life easier?

We hear over and over how diet affects how we feel throughout the day. What makes the diet experts say that over and over? Because it’s true, your diet does have a profound effect on how you feel. And science has proved again and again that exercise reduces stress and makes you feel energized.

When you decide you’re tired of being sick and tired and you are ready to take action to improve your life, you have two options that will take you there. If you eat a nutritious diet will you be apt to exercise? If you exercise to how will you feel?

Who is Uncommon Wellness for?

The Uncommon Wellness model is for people who desire real, life changing wellness (not fad fitness, not fad diets, and not just affirmations). They’re dedicated, will take action, stay focused, and they understand that changes take time. Is this you?

Uncommon Wellness is for the people who understand it is them who must make changes. You must take responsibility for your well-being, and charge forward to achieve Uncommon Wellness. You put in the work; I give you how to do it.

Do you ever wonder if maybe you’re missing out on how good life can really be? Try on the Uncommon Wellness model and see if it fits. Give yourself an opportunity feel energized, focused, and make your life enjoyable. Because everybody deserves to feel good.

Hi, I’m Travis Schefcik, and I write this blog to give people just like you down-to-earth functional fitness and healthy living tips and advice. I started Uncommon Wellness in early 2010 because wellness just isn’t common anymore.

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