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  1. Be Back Shortly! posted August 21, 2010

    Out Of The Office Hey! CrossFit and Paleo diet junkies, I’m disconnected from the web for a couple of weeks to attend a high intensity work program (remember, I’m in the military so I’ll occasionally drop off the web). More new content will appear in a few short weeks once I’m complete with this work […]

  2. Interview: Colin Jenkins From CrossFit Ventura posted August 9, 2010

    CrossFit Beast From SoCal Colin Jenkins is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, and co-founder of CrossFit Ventura. Colin always has a smile, and he makes time for each athlete at his CrossFit box in Ventura, California. At the same time, behind the smile, he carries a quiet strength. When it’s time to complete the workout […]

  3. CrossFit Mental Toughness posted August 5, 2010

    Jaala Thibault from CrossFit Ventura

  4. Have A Paleo Diet Or CrossFit Question? posted August 2, 2010

    Questions? Help Me Help You We all have questions, and sometimes we just can’t find the answer on our own for whatever reason. So, I want to help you find answers. I’m starting an advice column of sorts to answer questions submitted by you. It seems we have similar questions about tuning the Paleo diet […]

  5. Sunday Success Story: Stephanie Cedeno posted August 1, 2010

    Life’s Journey Sometimes you meet people on your journey through life that leave you branded with their story. They fought through the difficult times when life boxed them in, and came out the other side with more determination, and even more fight. Now, Here is Stephanie’s amazing, and difficult at times, journey through life in […]

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