Jul 1

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Are you looking to drop a few pounds for summer? AdvoCare’s 24 day challenge is your answer! This easy to follow program will work wonders for your body, and it’s great for both men and women.

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Jun 23

How Toxic is Sugar?

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Sugar is Toxic

An email hit my inbox a few days ago from Nikki Young that contained a link to the video inside this post. I wrote a few posts on sugar when I first started Uncommon Wellness, and I continue to fight the fight against sugar.

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May 30

Optimum Performance Training

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Wonder what OPT is?

Wonder no more. Watch this short video and learn how you can experience more than results.

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May 28

Learn Mental Toughness From A CrossFit Champion

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Mental Toughness & CrossFit

What can you learn about mental toughness from a CrossFit champion? Well, I think a lot. Because if you’ve had the pleasure of pushing through ANY true CrossFit WOD you know something about mental toughness. Can a champion give you a bit of insight to grow more mental toughness? Yes.

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Mar 23

You Need Sleep!

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Are getting enough sleep?

We could all use more sleep, and this infographic has good facts about our sleep habits. I stared in shock when I seen that being sleep deprived increases the risk of being overweight. Check it out!

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